Clvnnhobz here. I haven't been blogging much because I had a deal with NLG343.

Anyway, I've finally made up the rules for the wiki. Here it is;

1. No swearing. Calvin and Hobbes never had any swearing, now did it?

Bad Example;

Calvin: $&@# you Hobbes, you stupid #%*$&@.

Hobbes: Did you just $&@#%^* say that to me?

2. No spam or vandalism.

Bad Example;

Hey! Buy this thing! It exists! It costs 9 billion dollars, so buy now!

3. Proper spelling and grammar.

Bad Example #1;

clvn: hy hobsss u wnt 2 go un advintr??????????????????????

hobz: mk clvin

Bad Example #2;

Calvin: Hobbes, on adventurous you go, to want?

Hobbes: Calvin a sure, I am.

4. Always be respectful.

Bad Example;

User: (to another user) Poopface.

5. Keep characters in their personalities.

Bad Example;

Calvin: Oh boy! School is awesome!

Susie: Oh no. School is stupid.

Hobbes: I'm going to school now!

6. No plagiarism.

Bad Example;

Calvin: Call me Ishmael.

Hobbes: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

7. No inappropriate content.

Okay Example;

(Dupe 6 flips up Susie's skirt)

Bad Example;

(Susie takes off her shirt)

8. Always have fun!

Bad Example;

User: I'm not having fun.

9. No editing an article unless someone doesn't want you to.

Bad Example;

User: I'll edit a page without permission! (evil laugh)

Note: You can only do this to an article only if you use the {{Useredit}} template at the beginning of it.

If you do not follow these rules correctly, you will be blocked. If you get blocked three times, you will be permanently banned from the wiki.

If there's any rules I didn't think of and you it should be part of it, post it in the comments and we'll discuss it.

By the way, I improved the wiki navigation. Go check it out.