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  • StrayberryFilling


    September 13, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    Okay, I think the infoboxes looked better when they weren't with markup; and I can't seem to improve them, so I think I'll chage them back. Sorry, mobile users.

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  • StrayberryFilling

    Three small things

    September 10, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    Hey guys, I have three quick announcements;

    The first one is that we're going to take our infoboxes to the markup so that they look the same for both computer AND mobile. These may look a little different.

    The second one is that I was thinking of doing "Featured Content of the Month" on the main page. If you'd like to do this, please vote in the comments.

    The third is that we actually have our own forum, so we should use it more often to dicuss stuff either then the comments or message walls.

    So yeah. Bye.

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  • StrayberryFilling


    August 18, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    Clvnnhobz here. I haven't been blogging much because I had a deal with NLG343.

    Anyway, I've finally made up the rules for the wiki. Here it is;

    1. No swearing. Calvin and Hobbes never had any swearing, now did it?

    Bad Example;

    Calvin: $&@# you Hobbes, you stupid #%*$&@.

    Hobbes: Did you just $&@#%^* say that to me?

    2. No spam or vandalism.

    Bad Example;

    Hey! Buy this thing! It exists! It costs 9 billion dollars, so buy now!

    3. Proper spelling and grammar.

    Bad Example #1;

    clvn: hy hobsss u wnt 2 go un advintr??????????????????????

    hobz: mk clvin

    Bad Example #2;

    Calvin: Hobbes, on adventurous you go, to want?

    Hobbes: Calvin a sure, I am.

    4. Always be respectful.

    Bad Example;

    User: (to another user) Poopface.

    5. Keep characters in their personalities.

    Bad Example; …

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  • StrayberryFilling

    So, yep, as the title says, I am an admin now. MysteryMan, do at least SOME edits and you'll become an admin on the wiki.

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  • StrayberryFilling

    The Results

    June 3, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    'Kay people, the votes are in from my last post! So here we go, these results are just simple;

    Milesprower690 and SpongeBob1100 all voted for Choice #2. Nobody voted for Choice #1. So, we're gonna be admins guys!!!

    Click HERE if you wanna be an admin!!

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