Well, Wikia has put in tons of new features, some of them being optional. So here is a list of those features, their status here, and why or why not they're enabled.

Polls - Enabled

Polls are enabled because they're very useful for debates.

Top 10 Lists - Disabled

Top 10 Lists are disabled because they're just glorified polls. You also can't change your vote in a Top 10 List like you can in a poll.

Achievements - Disabled

Trust me, you'll thank me later. Click here.

Layout Builder - Disabled

More hindrance than help, trust me.

Blogs - Guess

Blogs are useful in fanon wikis. So yeah, blogs are enabled.

Article Comments - Enabled

See last feature's status summary.

Category Exhibition - Enabled

Though I don't see the point overall, it can be useful sometimes.

Chat - Enabled

Useful for discussion. Keep it on-topic.

Expanded Navigation - Enabled

One of Wikia's few new features that are useful. This features many more menus than before.

---****--- Roads 19:08,1/18/2012

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