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    January 18, 2012 by Roads

    Well, Wikia has put in tons of new features, some of them being optional. So here is a list of those features, their status here, and why or why not they're enabled.

    Polls are enabled because they're very useful for debates.

    Top 10 Lists are disabled because they're just glorified polls. You also can't change your vote in a Top 10 List like you can in a poll.

    Trust me, you'll thank me later. Click here.

    More hindrance than help, trust me.

    Blogs are useful in fanon wikis. So yeah, blogs are enabled.

    See last feature's status summary.

    Though I don't see the point overall, it can be useful sometimes.

    Useful for discussion. Keep it on-topic.

    One of Wikia's few new features that are useful. This features many more menus than before.

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