I was thinking about this for a while,then decided to do it. Without further adoo,the TV show rules if you create a C&H TV show.

1.Do not do what Dude899 did.

(Bad examples from Sibling Adoption Transcript)

Calvin: "Look, you guys, this picture's for the people in Ontario Orphanage taking good care of my soon to be adoptive younger sister, so make it real good, but don't forget to smile nice and big, but show them we're serious and respective about this."

(Is Calvin really like that? No.)

(Bad example 2)

Calvin: "Well, it's just that I'm gonna be a big responsible older brother to a younger sister when she gets adopted."

(Calvin never thinks about people.)

(Bad example 3)

Calvin: "Alright, Hobbes, let's make a picture drawing for my soon to be younger sister, who Mom and Dad are adopting from Ontario Orphanage."

(Dear God,when will this tyranny stop?)

(The worst example of all...)

Calvin: "My soon to be adoptive sister, she's about 4 1/2 years old, hey, can I call Susie and Mrs. Derkins over?"

(!! Calvin never calls Susie over. Obviously,Dude899 did not read Calvin and Hobbes,or he read a strip where Calvin was being nice and thought that was his actual personality.)

So,in other words...keep Calvin in the selfish,bratty,imaginative kid he is.

2.Edit any transcripts that look bad.


User:This is not right. I should edit it to make it right.

3.Let creativity rule!!!


User:Wow,I just thought of a great idea!!! Here's another! And another! And anot...

4.Get someone's OK to edit a page or transcript related to a TV show.


NLG343:Hey,JaJaLoo,can I edit Bad Parents?

JaJaLoo:Sure. Fine by me.

5.Do not create a transcript without a page to go with it.

So leave a comment on these singular rules.

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