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  • I live in the planet Vorton.
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is writing songs, building Legos, making films, or any other nonsense I do.
  • I am Groot.
  • JaJaLoo


    November 15, 2017 by JaJaLoo

    I have made some rules. This is an updated version of Strayberry's original blog.

    1. No swearing. (Calvin and Hobbes never had any swearing, did it?)

    Bad example:

    Calvin:  $&@# you Hobbes, you stupid #%*$&@.

    Hobbes: Did you just $&@#%^* say that to me?

    2. No spam or vandalism.

    Bad Example;

    Hey! Buy this thing! It exists! It costs 9 billion dollars, so buy now!

    3. Proper spelling and grammar.

    Bad Example #1;

    clvn: hy hobsss u wnt 2 go un advintr??????????????????????

    hobz: mk clvin

    Bad Example #2;

    Calvin: Hobbes, on adventurous you go, to want?

    Hobbes: Calvin a sure, I am.

    4. Always be respectful.

    Bad Example;

    User: (to another user) Poopface.

    5. Keep characters in their personalities.

    Bad Example;

    Calvin: Oh boy! School is awesome!

    Susie: Oh no. School is stup…

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  • JaJaLoo

    Fanfiction account

    January 30, 2017 by JaJaLoo

    I'm thinking about joining Fanfiction and co-writing The Calvin and Hobbes Show with NMMacc18. I would like your opinions on my first story.

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  • JaJaLoo

    BPilgimz Return!

    December 29, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    BPilgrimz has made an announcement he will rejoin the wiki. I'm glad he will.

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  • JaJaLoo

    TV Show rules

    December 8, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    I was thinking about this for a while,then decided to do it. Without further adoo,the TV show rules if you create a C&H TV show.

    1.Do not do what Dude899 did.

    (Bad examples from Sibling Adoption Transcript)

    Calvin: "Look, you guys, this picture's for the people in Ontario Orphanage taking good care of my soon to be adoptive younger sister, so make it real good, but don't forget to smile nice and big, but show them we're serious and respective about this."

    (Is Calvin really like that? No.)

    (Bad example 2)

    Calvin: "Well, it's just that I'm gonna be a big responsible older brother to a younger sister when she gets adopted."

    (Calvin never thinks about people.)

    (Bad example 3)

    Calvin: "Alright, Hobbes, let's make a picture drawing for my soon to be young…

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  • JaJaLoo

    Leave or stay

    December 2, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    I decided to do a project about who stays to edit on this wiki and who has left. This will be updated regularly. The only people that stay are the Spectacular Six. (Me,Clvnnhobz,NLG,Milesprower690,Jamz,and NMMacc18.)

    • JaJaLoo
    • Strayberry Filling
    • NLG343
    • Jamz64
    • Milesprower690
    • NMMacc18

    • 5000 Explosions and a Supernova
    • Angela
    • Avatar
    • AwesomeCalvinAndHobbes
    • Brandon Rhea
    • BPilgrimz
    • BlueKraid
    • Calvin11
    • CalvintheGreat11
    • Calvinthegreat1
    • Createwikiscript
    • Default
    • Derpytapir123
    • Dopp
    • Duckncluck
    • Dude705
    • Dude713
    • Dude899
    • Evilo87
    • GreatMan87
    • Gigyas-Wiki
    • Hobbesthelego1964
    • JadaLeninger727
    • Jimbo Wales
    • Meighan
    • Oddballcat123
    • Roads
    • Reviewportal77
    • Rmassey
    • Spongebob1100
    • SVG
    • Scarecroe
    • Sonicthehedgehogboy200
    • SpeedyMan93
    • SpeedyMan94
    • TechSkylander1518
    • That1Girl
    • ToonLinkMinions11
    • Toughpigs
    • Trellar
    • Uberfuzzy
    • Whitespy93
    • XBXSm…

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