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  • I live in Calvin's and Hobbes' house. I'm their brother.
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is doing things. I can't list them off right now, because there's too many.
  • I am a friend to NMMacc18.
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  • JaJaLoo

    R.I.P. Calvin Awards

    June 12, 2018 by JaJaLoo

    So, most of us are aware that Pjdem06 has created The Golden Tiger Awards.

    But he isn't aware of the Calvin Awards that me and NMMacc18 give out as co owners of this wiki.

    Now, I can't deal with two award shows.

    So this is to say that the 2018 Calvin Awards will not happen. 

    In other words, The Calvin Awards is no longer existing. 

    Now, I'm going to have NMMacc18 create another voting poll on his blog, with the same categories as the Calvin Awards, and I shall make the voting process, while me and Pjdem06 will create a transcript for the award show. 

    Alright, Patrick, Nicholas, and me, let's get to work!

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  • JaJaLoo


    June 2, 2018 by JaJaLoo

    I'm starting to worry that some actors are being overused for the series and the movies here. That's why I'm taking it upon myself to create actor pages. 

    Now, here's a new policy.

    Whenever you want to add a guest star for your show, first, put their name in the search bar. If their name is there, don't use them. I want to use people that haven't had a Calvin and Hobbes appearance in the shows and movies.

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  • JaJaLoo

    2017 Calvin Awards

    December 18, 2017 by JaJaLoo

    OK, so, I've just come up with a new idea for an award show about what we create here. This will be at the end of every year. There are three nominations for the best shows and movies, so let's begin. Before we do, all the winners will be labeled in bold. And the voting process is still happening. The voting will close on New Year's Eve.

    • Calvin and Hobbes: The Animated Series
    • Calvin and Hobbes Parody Disney Movies!
    • The Calvin and Hobbes Show

    • The Calvin and Hobbes Show
    • Calvin and Hobbes the Series
    • Calvin and Hobbes: The Animated Series

    • Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie
    • Calvin and Hobbes II: Lost at Sea
    • Calvin and Hobbes (Movie)

    • Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures
    • The Calvin and Hobbes Show
    • Calvin and Hobbes the Series

    • Calvin and Hobbes the Anim…

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  • JaJaLoo


    November 15, 2017 by JaJaLoo

    I have made some rules. This is an updated version of Strayberry's original blog.

    1. No swearing. (Calvin and Hobbes never had any swearing, did it?)

    Bad example:

    Calvin:  $&@# you Hobbes, you stupid #%*$&@.

    Hobbes: Did you just $&@#%^* say that to me?

    2. No spam or vandalism.

    Bad Example;

    Hey! Buy this thing! It exists! It costs 9 billion dollars, so buy now!

    3. Proper spelling and grammar.

    Bad Example #1;

    clvn: hy hobsss u wnt 2 go un advintr??????????????????????

    hobz: mk clvin

    Bad Example #2;

    Calvin: Hobbes, on adventurous you go, to want?

    Hobbes: Calvin a sure, I am.

    4. Always be respectful.

    Bad Example;

    User: (to another user) Poopface.

    5. Keep characters in their personalities.

    Bad Example;

    Calvin: Oh boy! School is awesome!

    Susie: Oh no. School is stup…

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