The Yellowstone Monster(Part 1)
Season 1, Episode 29
Air date April 3,2017
Written by Swing123
Directed by JaJaLoo
Production code 129
Episode guide
"Tonsil Terror"
"The Yellowstone Monster(Part 2)"
Cast(in order of appearance):Calvin,Hobbes,Susie Derkins,Calvin's mother,Dr.Brainstorm,Jack


Calvin and Hobbes try to disable the super volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park. However,the evil Dr.Brainstorm has other ideas.


The Yellowstone Monster(Part 1) Transcript


  • This is the twenty ninth episode of Calvin and Hobbes the Series.
  • This is the debut of Dr.Brainstorm(portrayed by Tom Cruise) and Jack(portrayed by Taylor Lautner).

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