The Wrap Up
Season TBA, Episode TBA
Air date TBA
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Production code TBA
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Cast (in order of appearance): Calvin Jacobson, Hobbes Jacobson, Susie Derkins, Andy Adams, Socrates, Mr. Jacobson, Mrs. Jacobson, Sherman, Moe Washington, Miss Wormwood, Dr. Brainstorm, Jack, Iron Calvin, MTM, Principal Spittle, Ginger Galaxoid and Nebular, Mr. Bun, Simon Adkins, Carol Derkins, Dark Calvin, Avery Elmhurst, Albert Johnson, Tyler Roseman, Magical Tiger, Rupert, Earl, Nivlac and Sebboh, Snow Goons


The whole entire cast are watching Calvin and Hobbes 5: The Final Battle, after the movie, they talk about their favorite part about the 5 movies.


The Wrap Up Transcript


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