Scene 1Edit

(Calvin goes to Albert's house and knocks on the door)

Mrs. Johnson: Hi, Calvin, you're one right on time! You better go up to Albert's room and tell him that if you two don't hurry up, you'll run out of time to play!

Calvin: (runs upstairs) Albert, come on. We've only got... (sees Albert sucking his thumb while reading. He gasps)

Albert: Calvin? (stops sucking his thumb) Calvin... (Calvin's jaw drops)

Scene 2Edit

Calvin: Uh, I'll be right back. (closes the door)

Albert: Okay. You can come back in now. (looks at his thumb and sighs. He looks out the window and sees Calvin running to his house and sighs again)

Mrs. Johnson: Hey, where's Calvin?

Albert: He had to go.

Mrs. Johnson: But I thought you were going outside to play?

Albert: He had to go home! (closes his door and sighs)

Scene 3Edit

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