Cast(in order of appearance):Calvin Jacobson,Hobbes Jacobson,Zoe Jacobson,Andy Adams,Socrates,Sherman,Willy Wonka,Charlie Bucket,Grandpa Joe,Mrs.Beauregarde,Mr.Salt,Mr.Teavee,Mrs.Gloop,Violet Beauregarde ,Veruca Salt,Mike Teavee,Augustus Gloop


When Calvin makes a new invention,the movie traveler,he forces everyone to test it out. Unfortunately,the movie traveler zaps them into the 2005 version of the movieCharlie and the Chocolate Factory . Their task is to get along with the other kids so they can go home.


The Movie Traveler (Part 1) Transcript


  • In this episode,the whole cast from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is in this episode.
    • Specifically,Johnny Depp(Willy Wonka),Freddie Highmore(Charlie Bucket),David Kelly(Grandpa Joe),Missi Pyle(Mrs.Beauregarde),James Fox(Mr.Salt),Adam Godley(Mr.Teavee),Franziska Troegner(Mrs.Gloop),AnnaSophia Robb(Violet Beauregarde),Julia Winter(Veruca Salt),Jordan Fry(Mike Teavee),and Phillip Wiegratz(Augustus Gloop).
      • Wierdly enough, the movie's director, Tim Burton, actually wrote the script.
      • Also,Morgan Freeman guest starred as well as the Movie God.
  • This is the 157th episode of Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures 
  • When Calvin duplicates Mike,the original becomes part of the gang while the clone stays with Mr.Teavee.

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