The Many Misadventures of Calvin and Hobbes

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The Many Misadventures of Calvin and Hobbes is an American Disney Channel Original Series and a spin-off of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Calvin and Hobbes, created by Scott Fellows and Bill Watterson and produced by Lucky Chimp for Disney Channel. It marks the second time that a Disney Channel Original Series is based on a Disney Channel Original Movie and the first crossover and spin-off between a Disney Channel Original Movie and a Disney Channel Original Series. The pilot episode aired in 2016 on January 25 while the series debuted on February 22.

Just like in the film, the series follows a teenage boy named Calvin Harvey (John Mel) and his stuffed tiger named Hobbes Harvey (Clancy Brown). Calvin and Hobbes live in the city of Alpha, Michigan. Along the way, they interact with other main characters of the show: Gisele Harvey (Selena Gomez), Edward Harvey (Andrew Hyde), and Susie Derkins (Madison De La Garza).

Episodes Edit

The series had about 80 episodes and 3 seasons. Season 1 had 20 episodes, and season two and three had 30 episodes. At the end of each season, they posted a two-part episode. The episodes were titled Store Wars, Store Wars II, and Store Wars III, receptively.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

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