(Episode starts in school gym, Calvin is looking bored)

Principal Spittle: So, once again, I'd highly recommend you come out tomorrow night to watch our team go after their first State Championship in 31 years!

Moe: Yeah! We'll rock 'em to the ground!

(The whole football team gets splashed on in Gatorade)


(Everyone looks at Calvin)

Calvin: Probably shouldn't of said that...

Coach: It's that little runt Moe's always talking about! Get 'em boys!

Calvin: GAH!

(Cuts to Calvin being chased by the football team)

Moe: You won't get away THIS time twinky!


Coach: He's getting away! Block the front doors! He's obviously going to run out there!

(Cuts to the front doors being blocked by some of the football players)

Player 1: He'll never get past our wall!

Player 2: Here he comes! Get ready to tackle him!

(Cuts to Calvin running, then trying to stop, and the football players attempt to tackle him, but Calvin avoids them all and runs out the front doors)

Coach: He's heading to the field! Get 'em before he gets too far!

Calvin: Ha! Those chumps won't get me!

(Calvin then gets tackled by several players)

Moe: Gotcha twinky!


Coach: Alright boys, I think he's learned his lesson. Let him get out.

(Players get up and leave.)

Calvin: Pah! You loons don't deserve a state championship! Your all pathetic! The Patriots would destroy you!

Coach: Well the paper predicted us to win so I wouldn't be so sure about that!

Moe: Yeah! Your only hope would be if they rigged it against us!

Calvin: Philistines. (Lightbulb appears) Hmm, I better start planning my sabatoge against them. BWAHAHAHA! 

?: Psst! Hey kid! 

Calvin: Who said that?

?: Me! Over here! Under the bleachers!

Calvin: Uh, okay...

(Calvin walks over to under the bleachers)

Calvin: Alright, whoever said that, show theirself!

(Two people emerge)

Calvin: Woah! There's two of you! I didn't do anything! I swear!

?: Relax kid, we aren't with the FBI.

Calvin: Then who are you nutcases?

?: Oh yeah, my name's Howard, and my friend here is Frank.

Calvin: Well. Nice to meet you two but, who are you guys.

Frank: We overheard you wanting to sabatoge your school's hopes of winning the state title.

Calvin: So?

Howard: We figured we could use a kid like you to help us.

Calvin: Well, what's in for me.

Frank: Money!

Calvin: How much? It depends on how much I'll get out of this.

Howard: Eh, probably about ten grand at the least.

(Dollar signs are shown on Calvin's eyes)

Calvin: You two got yourself a deal! Soon, I'll be the richest man alive! I'll be able to buy the NFL with that kind of loot! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! 

(Frank and Howard look at each other worried) 

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