The Calvin and Hobbes Show is a Fanfiction series written by NMMacc18 and JaJaLoo, and is very similar to Calvin and Hobbes: The Series written by Swing123 and Garfieldodie

Episode List

The first season has 15 episodes, with 20 planned for the second season, and potentially 25 for future seasons. 

Episode Name Episode Number Episode Description Special Guest Star
From Wrecking to Hunting 1a After wrecking on another wagon ride, Calvin and Hobbes find a treasure map, and attempt to find the treasure. Tom Hanks as The Jeweler
Calvin: The Movie 1b Calvin decides to make a movie depicting his "greatness and awesomeness."

Michael Bay as Himself

Amy Poehler as Herself

David Cross as Himself

The Superintendent 2a The Superintendent of the district visits Calvin's School.

Dennis Quaid as the Superintendent

Calvinopoly 2b Calvin and Hobbes get sucked into a board game Calvin created about himself. Patrick Stewart as Mr. Monopoly

Clancy Brown as the Licorice Lord

The Court Case of Calvin v School 3a After Calvin slips and falls without a wet floor sign, he decides to take the matter to court Robert Downey Jr. as the Judge

Tom Hanks as Frank Lanks

Antonio Banderas as Eduardo

All Aboard the Calvin Express 3b Calvin and Hobbes take control of a freight train, and it leads to a huge accident Bill Murray as the 911 Operator

Bradley Cooper as the Police Chief

Kevin James as a Cop

Chez Calvin 4a Calvin opens a fancy restaurant. Gordon Ramsay as himself

Elijah Wood as the guy convicted of larceny

Joe Pesci as the Hobo Cook

Nick Offerman as the health inspector

Ye Olde Calvin 4b Calvin and Hobbes go back to the Middle Ages in Calvin's latest scheme to take over the world. Michael Fassbender as Sir Gallahad

Billy Crystal as the Commoner

Robert Downey Jr. as the Judge

Calvin the Bus Driver 5 When Calvin's bus driver has to step out of the bus for a moment, Calvin takes over bus driving. Sean Penn as the Bus Driver

Bill Murray as the 911 Operator

Bradley Cooper as the Police Chief

Kevin James as a Cop

Dinner With Moe 6a Calvin is forced to have dinner at Moe's house, and ends up having to fight his mad scientist father. Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist

James Franco as Hugh

Michael J. Fox as Jack

Kristen Wiig as the Cafeteria Worker

Hotel Calvin 6b Calvin and Hobbes turn their house into a hotel, and have confused tourists stay there.

Bill Watterson as Bill

Melissa Watterson as Melissa

(Un) Stupendous Man 7a Calvin transmogrifies himself into Stupendous Man, with disastorous results. 

Joe Pesci and Dainel Stern as the Robbers

Kevin James as an Officer 

Days of Snow 7b Calvin and Hobbes enter a sledding race. Kristen Bell as the Sled Judge
Calvinpardy! 8 Calvin sneaks his way onto Jeopardy! in an attempt to get rich, which fails horribly. 

Alex Trebek as Himself

Johnny Gilbert as Himself

Harry Friedman as Himself

Kevin Costner as the Contestant Coordinator 

Ken Jennings as Paul Jennings

Punching and Yelling 9a Calvin winds up coaching a game for the school's soccer team, with disastorus results. 

Liam Nesson as the Soccer Ref

Aaron Eckhart as the Coach

Dennis Quaid as the Superintendent

Wagon School 9b Calvin sees a wagon race and is horrified at their driving skills, so he opens a Wagon Driving School as a result.  N/A
Tuna Heist 10a Calvin attempts to rob the supermarket of all its tuna so Hobbes will stop trying to eat him at night. 

Nick Kroll as the Manager

Kevin James as the Officer

Robert Downey Jr. as Judge Lazarus

Calvinhunting 10b After Calvin and Hobbes unintentionally destory Dr. Scientist's newest weapon to try and take over the world, he send Hugh and Jack to try and get rid of the two.

Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist

James Franco as Hugh

Michael J. Fox as Jack

Kevin James as a Cop

The Forgotten Duplicate 11 Duplicate Number 7, an incomplete, but far more stronger and eviller duplicate of Calvin finally manages to track down Calvin, and attempts to kill him as payback for transmogrifying him into a worm all those many years ago...

Ralph Macchio as Duplicate 7

Kevin James as a Cop

G.A.A.C! Attack! 12a Calvin learns that Susie has started her own club, G.A.A.C. (Girls Alliance Against Calvin) and decides to go to great lengths to get the club destroyed.  N/A
Night of the Killer Bicycle 12b Calvin's Killer Bicycle attempts to haunt Calvin while he's asleep.  N/A
Foodunnit? 13a When a food fight breaks out in the cafeteria, and all the food is stolen as well, Calvin becomes Tracer Bullet to determine the culprit. 

Dennis Quaid as the Superintendent

Kristen Bell as the Lunch Worker

Faster than a Speeding Calvin 13b Calvin joins the school's track team. 

Elizabeth Banks as the Track Coach

Attack of the Moon Goons (Season Finale) 14-15 When Dr. Scientist crash lands on an unknown planet and is taken hostage by a species of aliens known as "Moon Goons", when he offers to help them take over the world with the Moon Goon king, chaos erupts, and Calvin and Hobbes have to defeat Dr. Scientist and his new ally. 

Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist

Matt Damon as the Moon Goon King

William Shatner as the Army Commander 

James Franco as Hugh

Michael J. Fox as Jack 

Kevin James as an Officer

Robert Downey Jr. as the Judge

Calvin and Hobbes' Day Off (Season Two Premeire) 1 Calvin fakes getting sick, and he and Hobbes cause chaos while on their "day off" 

Matthew Broderick as the Manager

Calvin the Referee 2a Calvin becomes a Soccer ref.  N/A
Calvin to the Future 2b Calvin and Hobbes travel to the future in an attempt to steal an invention not invented yet to get rich quick. Eddie Raymond as Calmanthe
Coach Calvin 3  Calvin becomes the Basketball Coach after the normal coach is suspended and attempts to lead them to the championship. 

Aaron Eckardt as the Basketball Coach

Tom Holland as a Basketball Ref

Bill Hader as the Commissioner

Calvin World   4a Calvin opens his own amusement park, with disastorous results.  N/A
Cheaters Sometimes Prosper 4b Calvin manages to cheat on a standarized test without getting caught and winds up getting promoted to the 6th Grade. 

Dennis Quaid as the Superintendent Adam Sandler as the Principal

The Boy Who Failed at Flying 5a Calvin attempts to learn to fly, with disastorous results.  N/A
I Dream of Calvin 5b Calvin goes into other people's dreams. N/A
Claw and Order 6 In a Law and Order-esque episode, Tracer Bullet teams up with Senior Detective Hobbes to solve a string of murders and bank robberies.  TBD
Double Trouble 7 Dr. Scientist and Duplicate 7 team up to take over the world and get rid of Calvin and Hobbes.

Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist

Ralph Macchio as Duplicate 7

Calvin the Pilot 8a Calvin's Dad gets on a plane to go on a Buisness Trip, only to discover Calvin is driving the plane. Zach Woods as the Flight Attendent
12 Angry Calvin's   8b Calvin is accidently assigned jury duty for a patent infrigement case that his Dad is working. 

Robert Downey Jr. as the Judge

Chris Pratt as the Prosecutor 

Pyscalvingy   9a Calvin sees a psychologist.  Tom Hanks as the Psychologist
Tennis Troubles 9b Calvin and Hobbes enter a tennis tournament. 

John McEnroe as Himself

Bill Murray as a Judge

Calviness 10 After getting sick from eating Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, Calvin has random fantasties.  TBD
Mother Scientist   11a Dr. Scientist's mother comes to visit. 

Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist

Betty White as Mother Scientist 

TriCalvinthon   11b Calvin's Dad enters a Triatholon, and Calvin and Hobbes enter in another of Calvin's get rich quick schemes.  N/A
Evil Genius of the Year 12a Dr. Scientist gets nominated for the Evil Genius of the Year award. 

Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist 


A Dinner with Aliens  12b Galxoid and Nebular invite Calvin and Hobbes to dinner on their plan with their ruler.  TBD
Absuement Park 13 Dr. Scientist opens an amusement park in the sky in his latest plan to take over the world, but chaos ensues when Calvin and Hobbes arrive to investigate. 

Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist 


  • Tom Kenny as Calvin 
  • Owen Wilson as Hobbes 
  • Paul Rudd as Dad
  • Scarlett Johansson as Mom
  • Jennifer Lawrence As Susie Derkins
  • Jeremy Irons as Moe 
  • Kathryn Hahn as Miss Wormwood
  • Tom Cruise as Mr.Spittle
  • Lesile Bibb as Rosalyn
  • Elijah Wood as Dr. Scientist
  • Dennis Quaid as the Superintendent


There are some differences between the wiki version and fanfiction version. 

  • The fanfiction series takes place in Chagrin Falls, Ohio rather than Providence, Rhode Island
  • Dr. Scientist has Hugh and Jack (Duplicate 7's minions from the movie franchise) as his minions.