The Calvin and Hobbes Show is a Fanfiction series written by NMMacc18, and is very similar to Calvin and Hobbes: The Series written by Swing123 and Garfieldodie

Episode ListEdit

Episode Name Episode Number Episode Description Special Guest Star
From Wrecking to Hunting 1a After wrecking on another wagon ride, Calvin and Hobbes find a treasure map, and attempt to find the treasure. Tom Hanks as The Jeweler
Calvin: The Movie 1b Calvin decides to make a movie depicting his "greatness and awesomeness."

Michael Bay as Himself

Amy Poehler as Herself

David Cross as Himself

The Superintendent 2a The Superintendent of the district visits Calvin's School.

Dennis Quad as the Superintendent


Tom Kenny as Calvin

Owen Wilson as Hobbes

Rest to be added later, seen on Fanfiction.

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