Spittle and the Superintendent is a 2017 traditionally animated series created by Bill Watterson, and is a spin off of The Calvin and Hobbes Show The Series depicts the misadventures that Principal Spittle and the Superintendent go through on a normal day, usually trying to prevent total chaos from happening. Calvin occasionally makes appearances on the show, while Hobbes is completely absent,and is usually only mentioned by Calvin when he does appear on the show. The show premiered on July 12th, 2017 on Nickelodeon.

Episode List Edit

Episode Name Episode Plot Episode Number
The Superintendent Games

Principal Spittle attempts to help the Superintendent win the Superintendent Games.

NOTE: This originally aired as an episode for Calvin and Hobbes Chronicles, and that episode was used as a backdoor pilot for the series. 

It's a Flood Life Principal Spittle and the Superintendent attempt to determine who is causing various flooding at schools.  2
Undercover Food After discovering food from the cafeteria is being stolen from various schools, the Superintendent has Principal Spittle go undercover to determine who is stealing the food.  3
Perfection Needed When the Superintendent learns that his supervisor is going to check in on his performance as Superintendent, he has Principal Spittle help him make sure he can keep his job. 4
Adventures in Safety Patrol OverLooking The Calvin and Hobbes Show episode "Adventures in the Safety Patrol" but through the Point of View of Principal Spittle and the Superintendent. 5


Tom Cruise as Mr.Spittle

Dennis Quaid as the Superintendent

Kathryn Hahn as Miss Wormwood

Tom Kenny as Calvin

Theme SongEdit

(Trumpet is heard)

Chorus: Spittle with his crazy accidents! Superintendent's going to need an explination! When he hear's Spittle's lame explinations there'll be trouble in town to night!


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