same as hobbes but with red stripes on the tail




Pranks, Hobbes, Calvin, Andy, Adult Socrates and pizza


Dr. Brainstorm, King Booger, Setarcos

Created by

Swing123 and Garfieldodie


Calvin and Hobbes: the series, Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures, Calvin and Hobbes 2,Calvin and Hobbes: Coming to Life!

Socrates is a tiger and the partner of a rich boy named Elliott. He is built on the same concept as Hobbes, except has a different color of stripes on his tail for some reason. He loves pranks. He is voiced by Bill Hader. In Calvin and Hobbes the Series and the Calvin and Hobbes Movie saga,he is portrayed by Canadian comedian Ryan Stiles after the producers saw Stiles' work.  

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