Sleepover was one off the shorts included on the DVD for crossover chaos, but this short is different because it goes before the character commentary (Think the incredible's Mr. Incredible and Pals) of the movie.

Plot Edit

It opens on Jimmy's lab with the 8 main heroes (Spongebob, Danny, Timmy, Jimmy, Zim, Ness, Lucas, Calvin, Hobbes, and the Eds) preparing for a sleepover so the first thing Jimmy says that they should watch a movie that he got from a package from an unknown man, so they agree to watch it and put it on a projector when the film begins.

After the movie the group finds that whoever sent them this video was watching them the entire time. But they decide to forget about that right now and watch some more movies. Meanwhile the man that sent the video says that it is time as we lead into the sequel.

Trivia Edit

  • Each of the characters pajamas were ones they wore in episodes Spongebob's was from Night Light, Jimmy's was from the movie, Timmy's is from Lights out, Ness and Lucas's are from their games, Calvin's is from the comic and the Eds are from the episode A Glass of Warm Ed the only ones that had to be made for the short was Danny and Zim

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