18 (some media)
29 (Disney Channel)

Voice Portrayers/Actors

Alyson Stoner (her own voice in some media)
Ashley Tisdale (Disney Channel)

First Appearance

May 15, 1986

Last Appearance

September 16, 1995

Hair color

Light yellow


Making sure Calvin stays under control


Calvin messing around with her belongings

Imaginary super villain names by Calvin/Stupendous Man

Baby-Sitter Girl


Swimming lessons instructor

Favorite games and activities

Calvinball (in a story arc)

Rosalyn (fully named Rosalyn Devin Lincoln or Rosalyn Adams) is Calvin's baby-sitter in the comic book series. She will soon be voiced in some media by Alyson Stoner using her own voice. On Disney Channel, her actor is Ashley Tisdale. In Calvin and Hobbes the Series ,she is portrayed by Christina Applegate.

It is revealed in Calvin and Hobbes Nickelodeon Sitcom that Andy may be related to Rosalyn in some way (even if he had never appeared in the show, he only appeared in Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures) because they both share the same last name. However, this rumor was denied.