Mike Teavee




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Mike Teavee is one of Calvin's friends. He was in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,but in The Movie Traveler (Part 1),he was cloned by Calvin's mini duplicator. The clone stayed with his father. Like Calvin,he enjoys watching TV and Calvinball. He is a part of G.R.O.S.S. but doesn't get annoyed with Suise. Mike loves to tinker with Calvin's inventions to make it new and improved,to the dismay of Hobbes. He shares Calvin's room with an extra bed. that he sleeps in. He is voiced by Jordan Fry.


Mike is a lot like Calvin. They both watch TV,both have a girl they hate and tinker with inventions.


  • Mike refused to change his last name to Jacobson
  • Even though he is eleven,he attends Calvin's class, becoming the other classmate that is not in first grade in Calvin's class. The first one being Moe.
  • Mike,like the other characters in the series,didn't age when he came into the Calvin and Hobbes world.
  • He stands up for Calvin in The New Student when he is being bullied by Moe.
  • He says he has a death lazer ray in his pocket once, but it is not known if it is true.