Intro Edit

Hobbes appears in a black screen.

Hobbes: Hi, it's me, Hobbes. I want to tell you how Nivlac and Sebboh destroyed our city.


Hobbes: After a time paradox, they became evil and stole our cardboard box. He remembered how the duplicator worked, just not the transmogrifier. They also stole two Andy clones from Andy's first duplication and made more of them. Then, they snuck the box back in and stole the transmogrifier gun and turn every Andy into monsters, rampaging around town.

Scene 1 Edit

Calvin, Hobbes, and Zoe are sitting on a rock.

Calvin: Hey Hobbes, what ever happened to Nivlac and Sebboh?

Hobbes: They had a time paradox, remember?

Calvin: Oh yeah.

Andy: Guys! My clones are missing!

Calvin: It's no big deal. You can always do it again.

Andy: Right! Sorry.

Zoe: Who's Nivlac and Sebboh?

Calvin: Oh, right.

Andy 3: I'll tell her!

Calvin: Okay, go ahead...

Susie appears.


Calvin: Huh?...

Susie: Hi guys. I just gave up Mr. Bun.

Hobbes: All right..

Andy: Hey! I was going to tell Zoe my story!

Zoe: With you yelling, at your rabbit, I really feel sad for him.

Susie: Oh, come on. He's just a stuffed rabbit.

???: I agree.

Calvin: I have no idea who said that, and I don't care.

Hobbes: Zoe...

Zoe: Sorry, I want to know who Nivlac and Sebboh are. Let Andy tell me, please!

Andy: Yeah!

Hobbes: Mr. Bun is right next to you.

Mr. Bun: I'm right here! Now love me!

Zoe: AH!

Mr. Bun: Oh, you have that stupid ape. Oh well.

Darwin: Who you callin' Stupid?

Darwin rolls up his sleeve.

Mr. Bun: Uh...I ment smart! Yeah! Smart! Can I still move in your house?

Hobbes: Sure!


Andy: Now can I tell Zoe who Nivlac and Sebboh are?

Everyone: YES!

Scene 2 Edit

(Meanwhile at Calvin's house...)

Calvin: (humming)

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