The following is a list of Stupendous Man's villain's gallery. Some of them are from Lego Hero Factory.

Villain Powers Alter Ego
Mom-Lady Chore-Gun Calvin's mother
Lecto-Man Evil Lectures, Laser Beam Eyes Calvin's father
Babysitter Girl Commands Evil Robots Rosalyn
Smart Girl Beam of Power Susie
The Pranker Master of booby traps Socrates
XPlode Fire Sword Rob Kent
Meltdown Toxic Tentacle Ryan Wayne
Corroder Acid Shooters Bryce Jordan
Thunder Deadly Thunderstorms Nicholas Logan
Von Nebula Black Holes Unknown
Rotor Flight Mark Rudd
Drilldozer Drills Josh Paxton
Jetbug Flight Julian Miller
Nitroblast Chest Beam Phil Cline
Fire Lord Fireblast Unknown
Witch Doctor Animal Command Aldous Witch
Fangz Sharp Killer Teeth Unknown
Raw Jaw Huge Hands Unknown
Waspix Flight and Stinger Cody Robinson
Scorpio Stinger Unknown
Toxic Reapa Acid Shooters Jack Benn
Black Phantom Portals Unknown
Splitface Infecticide and Shredding Claw Simon Wolf
Jawblade Shark Like Abilities Theo Alcott
XT4 Robot Abilities Bryan Jones
Thornraxx Commando of Bees Fritz von Meyer
Speeda Demon Motorcycle Driving Steve Frisk
Core Hunter Takes out Souls Jonathan Nothes
Voltix Electricity Patrick Ludvig
Galloping Ghost Invincibility C.R. Mellico

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