Cast:(In order of appearance)Calvin Jacobson,Hobbes Jacobson,Mike Teavee,JaJaLoo,Santiago X The Natural,Flo Rida, Jamz64


Calvin brings in JaJaLoo,a user of the Calvin and Hobbes Fanon Wiki. He also brings in his favorite singer,Santiago X The Natural and makes a new invention,The Music Video Transporter,but JaJaLoo hurls it out the window,declaring he hates music videos(which is true). Calvin convinces him to go by saying they will wreck the music video,because he hates music videos too. With Santiago X The Natural's Help,Calvin,Hobbes,Mike,and JaJaLoo wreck the music video for California Gurls.


Guest Star Craziness Transcript


  • This episode had a bunch of guest stars because of the title. The episode stars JaJaLoo,Jamz64,rappers Santiago X The Natural,who sing Warriors(Which is also on The Calvin and Hobbes Movie Soundtrack)rapper Flo Rida,and Katy Perry,because the gang go in one of her music videos and absolutely destroy it.
  • This is TBA episode of Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures.

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