Scene 1:Calvin's roomEdit

Calvin:I'm bored.

Hobbes:Me too.

Andy:I can't think of anything else to do.

Socrates:Let's think.

(Long pause)

Calvin:I've got it!

Hobbes,Andy and Socrates:What?

Calvin:Let's make a western movie

Andy:Sounds fun!

Hobbes:I'll grab the movie camera

Scene 2: The western townEdit

(Film starts rolling)

Sam Roberts:John,I have some bad news

John Roberts:What is it,Sam?

Sam:We can't afford to live here in the town.

John:Darn it.

Sam:Pack up,John. We're moving.

John:I'll get the wagon train and Ryan and Travis.

Sam:Who's Ryan and Travis?

John:The horses I bought yesterday.


Thomas Johnson:So long,Sam!

Bryan Fisher:Bye John!

Logan Rogers:I'm missing you already!

Sam:Nice to have a goodbye from our friends.

John:I'll miss Logan. He was funny.

Scene 3:The gulchEdit

Sam:This is where we are supposed to go

John:Is this a joke?

Sam:No,it's true

John:Let's stop by the bar over there


(Later in the bar,the bartender is being prank called.)

The Bartender:Andy's Bar. What can I do for you?

Prank Caller:Is Mr.Freely there?

The Bartender:Who?

Prank Caller:Freely. First initials are I.P.

The Bartender:Hold on I'll check.(to customers)Uhhh...I.P. Freely? Has anyone seen I.P. Freely? HEY,EVERYBODY, I PEE FREELY


The Bartender:Why you little...If i ever,dang it! He hung up!

Sam: Must be someone who makes trouble.

John: Dunno who that is.

The Bartender:Did you make the prank call?


Bartender:Must be the Hairy Hooligan. AGAIN!

John:Who's the Hairy Hooligan?

Bartender:He's an escaped criminal.

Sam: Where is he?

Bartender: I dunno.

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