Duplicate Number 7 is a character that originally appeared once in Calvin and Hobbes, possibly as a mistake by Bill Watterson, and serves as the Main Antagonist in Calvin and Hobbes 2: World Tour and is also one of the main antagonists in Calvin and Hobbes 3: Time Quest. He is portrayed as Ralph Macchio

Background Edit

Duplicate Number 7 made his first and only appearance in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. on January 26th 1990. His face was not shown, as only he is only seen with a plain shirt and black pants. This was more than likely an error on Bill Watterson's part, as the duplicate is never seen, heard or mentioned from again. 

In 2016, while in the process of making Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie, Steven Spielburg was reading Calvin and Hobbes strips, and noticed this error. He asked Bill Watterson, and Watterson never realized it himself, stating that it was an error, though he believed that fans could've interpreted it as a burned out Duplicate that Calvin never knew about. This gave Spielburg an idea for a sequel, with the Duplicate serving as the Main Antagonist.

Appearances Edit

Duplicate 7 first made an appearance in the post credit scene at the end of the first film, showing to be stealing the remains of the original Robo Calvin and Mecha Hobbes. His first official appearance, ironically came two weeks before the Worldwide release of the 2nd Calvin and Hobbes film, as he appeared in The Calvin and Hobbes Show episode "Duplicate Number 7" as the main antagonist of the episode, as he tries to destroy Calvin and Hobbes, and is shown as an evil genius.

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