Scene 1: The typical school morningEdit

(Episode starts with Calvin running around getting his stuff for school.)


Hobbes: You wouldn't have to worry about this stuff you know if you were actually organized in the morning.

Calvin: Your not helping furball.

Mrs. Grayson: Calvin hurry up! The bus is going to be here!

Calvin: I'm trying to! (Calvin starts running downstairs and trips and falls)

Calvin: Ugh...

(Calvin's Mom throws Calvin out to the bus stop outside the house)

Susie: What happened Calvin?

Calvin: I was hurrying to get out here so I wouldn't miss the bus, but someone keeps putting my stuff for school in various places and makes it hard to find.

Susie: I don't think your stuff is being replaced, its just you being disorganized.

Calvin: Oh please, you sound just like Hobbes.

Susie: Well, he's probably right.

Calvin: Never! I'm always right! No matter what!

(Bus pulls out)

Calvin: Aww man, I didn't get to finish my rant.

Scene 2: The hijackEdit

(Calvin and Susie take their seats, and the bus starts moving)

Susie: Are you ready to present your project today?

Calvin: What project?

Susie: You forgot about the sciene project?!

Calvin: What? Me? Heck no. I collected all 50 bugs back when we started it!

Susie: No you idiot! That was years ago! We had to research and give examples of the scientific method!


Susie: You always forget! Have you not been paying attention in class at all?! Your going to flunk out of school at the rate your going here!


Susie: Well it's your own fault!


(Cuts to bus driver up front driving)

Bus Driver: Ugh, my stomach hurts...I really shouldn't of eaten that breakfast burrito. Ugh...

(Bus Driver notices porta potty in the distance)

Bus Driver: Ugh, I need to stop.

(Stops bus)

Bus Driver: (Grabs speaker) Attention boys and girls, I need to clear out my body quickly. Don't worry, we're way ahead of schedule so we shouldn't be late to school. (Leaves)

Calvin: OH MAN OH MAN OH MA-Hey where did the bus driver go?

Susie: Your oblivious, he needed to use the bathroom.

Calvin: Oh really? (Grins evilly)

(Calvin sneaks up to the drivers' seat)

Calvin: Well, the only way to not have to admit I didn't do my project, is to simply drive off. Plus, this will help me get my drivers' liscense 10 years early! That will be a blast!

(Calvin shuts the bus doors)

Kid: Hey! Your not the bus driver.

Calvin: Well I am now, so get used to it!

Susie: CALVIN! You can't drive!

Calvin: I can too.

Susie: The Wagon Derby...

Calvin: Shut up Susie, nobody cares what girls think.

(Calvin ties two things that allow him to reach the pedals, and slams on the gas)


(Students screaming in the back)

(Bus Driver comes back out from the porta potty)

Bus Driver: Ahh, that felt go-WHAT THE?! WHERE'S THE BUS?!

(Cuts to 911 Operator)

Operator: 911 what's your emergency?

Bus Driver: I don't know what just happened, but my bus, full of children, just vanished! Someone stole it I think!

Operator: Do you happen to remember the plate number?

Bus Driver: Uh, yes it was BW 1985 CH

Operator: Okay, we'll track it and see if we can find it.

Bus Driver: Okay, thank you so much!

(Cuts to Police Officer sitting his car reading the newspaper and drinking coffee, and suddenly sees the school bus zoom by him.)

Officer: WHOA! I don't know what the speed limit is around here, but I know for sure that was way over the limit! (Starts chasing after it)

(Cuts to Calvin driving and hears the sirens)

Calvin: Oh great...

Susie: Calvin, just stop it! Your going to kill someone with your lunatic driving!

Calvin: Shessh Susie, your sounding like Hobbes even more day after day...


Scene 3: The findingEdit

(Cuts to Principal Spittle's Office)

Mr. Spittle: Ahh, I enjoy the peace and quiet in the mornings, I don't know why, but I feel like that today will be a stress-free day, no problems, no chaos from Calvin, ahhh...

(Bell rings, cuts to Miss Wormwood's Classroom)

Miss Wormwood: (Walks in) Good Morn-

(Shows that only four students are in the classroom)

Miss Wormwood: Where is everybody?! Is the bus running late?

Moe: I dunno I was walking to school this morning, and then I saw a bus goin' way faster than it should, I caught a look of the driver, and it seemed to loke like the twinky.

Miss Wormwood: You mean Calvin?

Moe: Yeah.

(Cuts back to Principal Spittle's Office, several teachers are there asking where the bus is)

Teacher 1: How is the bus this late?!

Teacher 2: My students have a test they need to start!

Teacher 3: I told the school board we need a new bus system!

Mr. Spittle: Okay, I know, look please...

Miss Wormwood: HOLD UP!

Mr. Spittle: Is this important, because I have a situation on my hands right now...

Miss Wormwood: I think we know who the driver of the hijacked bus is...

(Commercial Break)

Scene 4: The catch of CalvinEdit

Mr. Spittle: The bus was hijaked?! HOW?!

Miss Wormwood: Well Moe told me he was walking to school and saw a bus going extremly fast. He said the driver looked like Calvin.

Teacher 2: Who's HE?

Teacher 1: Calvin, that name sounds familiar...

Teacher 3: Oh yeah! The Noodle Incident Kid!

(Spittle looks extremly annoyed, and his coffe cup breaks)


(Cuts to Miss Wormwood's Classroom)

Moe: I knew it was twinky behind the wheel.

(Cuts to the bus)

Calvin: Attention, icky girls and gentlemen, yes, you, Susie, we're going to stop at Cumberland House of Pizza for free Cokes. And by free, I'll use the bus driver's credit card.

Susie: That's forgery, Calvin!

Calvin: Shut up, Susie, nobody cares about you!

(Susie rolls her eyes)

Calvin: Oh, wait, scratch that. We're heading to the downtown Starbucks. I want an Iced Lemon Pound Cake.

Kid: WE'VE BEEN ALL OVER RHODE ISLAND! Can we please go to school now?

Calvin: Absolutely not! I'm the bus driver, so we play by my rules!

Susie: LOOK OUT!

Calvin: For what?

Susie: The Speed Trap!

(The bus runs over the speed trap, and it causes the bus tires to deflate. The Rhode Island Police Department pulls up.)

Cop: OK, who's the driver here?

(The kids point at Calvin)

Cop: Listen kid. Give me the controls. I'll drive to school. When we get there, we will have a long talk with your parents and principal about this. 

(Calvin goes back to his seat. The bus drives to school. Mr. Spittle is outside, tapping his foot.)

Mr. Spittle: Well, well, well. There's the very very VERY late bus. Calvin Grayson. See me in my office. You're parents are there.

(Cut to Calvin's room.)

Hobbes: I hope Calvin doesn't mind if I draw a mustache on the Hulk...

(Calvin barges in)

Calvin: Put that comic down. I need to complain about what happened.

Hobbes: I really don't want to know about what happened.

Calvin: Well, first I hacked the bus, the bus driver got really mad, I drove around Rhode Island and then a stupid cop stopped me. 

Hobbes: That's why you're home at 1:00?

Calvin: Yeah. I got suspended from the bus for 3 days. Good news is, I won't have to wake up early to catch the bus!

End CreditsEdit

Voice CastEdit

Tom Kenny as Calvin Grayson

Owen Wilson as Hobbes Grayson/Kid

Scarlett Johansson as Anna Grayson/Teacher 1

Jennifer Lawrence as Susie Derkins/Teacher 2

Jeremy Irons as Moe Westing

Kathryn Hahn as Miss Wormwood/Teacher 3

Tom Cruise as Mr. Spittle

Special Guest Star: Sean Penn as the Bus Driver

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