Calvin and the New Next Door Neighbor
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode 4
Production code 102
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"Birth of a Friendship"
"The Psychologist"

Cast(in order of appearance): Calvin Jacobson, Hobbes Jacobson, Mr. Johnson


Calvin can't believe this. His normal life is ruined, thanks to the new next door neighbor, Mr. Johnson. who's living right next to their house and wants Calvin to be a perfect boy.


The episode opens with a game of Calvinball. After they lose the "Bonus Box", they find that it is next to a moving van. Mr. Johnson, their new neighbour, comes out of the truck. They continue playing Calvinball, but soon Calvin has to sing the Very Sorry Song. Mr. Johnson didn't like hearing the song, he asked to turn the volume down a bit. Calvin does so, and they agree to stop singing it. Calvin worries about if he will be like this all the time.

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Calvin and the New Next Door Neighbour Transcript


  • This is the second episode of Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures.
  • Mr. Johnson would pay Dr. Brainstorm so he could have a gun that would transform Calvin into his good side five seasons later in The Behaviour Modification.
  • This episode reveals the appearance of the Bonus Box. Calvin only mentioned it in the comic. It is light blue, with a few yellow stars drawn on it.
  • It is odd that the bonus box and the Very Sorry song are still in the game, because according to Calvin in one strip that "you can't use the same rule twice".
  • Mr. Johnson not liking the Very Sorry song may be a reference to the MCL banning the song because is was so obnoxious to sing in an arena.
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