Calvin and Hobbes the Series is a new show originally created by Swing123. Creator JaJaLoo brought all episodes to this page so you won't have to get into FanFiction. The show uses the same voice actors and episodes,except for Calvin,Hobbes and many other parts. The whole series was written by Jackson Kelley, Bill Watterson, Jon Vitti and Simpsons creator Matt Groening. As for direction, Adam McKay directed Seasons 1 and 2, Greg Mottola directed Season 3, Edgar Wright directed Season 4, and Matt Reeves directed Season 5.



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Despite the success of Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures, Bill Watterson hated the series, and said to The Hollywood Reporter, "Cartoon Network has disrespected my values about what I think the series should be. They just wanted to make what they wanted to make, and that is not OK with me." Watterson demanded the series be rebooted, and then Calvin and Hobbes:The Movie premiered, with another series pitch from Nickelodeon. Watterson accepted as long as the cast from the movie returned, the series was live action, and new characters were to be played by A-List celebrities.


Calvin and Hobbes the Series had only two DVD's from Season 1.

  • Classic Calvin and Heavenly Hobbes
  • Hall-Indep-East-Mas Day


For the trailers, click Calvin and Hobbes the Series/Trailers.


2017 Calvin Awards

  • Best Voice Acting in a Show
  • Best Actress (for Susie)
  • Best Actor (for Mr. Spittle)
  • Best Episode Transcript

2018 Golden Tiger Awards

  • Best Voice Acting in a Show
  • Best Actor (for Calvin)
  • Best Actress (for Mom)
  • Best Actress (for Miss Wormwood)
  • Best Actors (for Galaxoid and Nebular)



  • Swing123 and garfieldodie originally created the series,but JaJaLoo brought it here so you won't have to get into Fanfiction.
  • Season Three had the most two-parters,with three.
  • Season Four had the least amount of TV Movies with one.
  • When JaJaLoo was writing the scripts and playing Calvin,he based Calvin off his personality.
  • Simpsons creator Matt Groening contributed to a few scripts.
  • During Season 3, Jackson Kelley had struck a relationship with Sophia Lillis, who played Susie in that season, depite being two years older than him.