Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures is the new television cartoon series airing on Cartoon Network on February 28, 2012.

Each season consists of 10 episodes (20 segments). Season 3 will premiere on Cartoon Network in May 2013. Season 1 taped from July 2012 to November 2012. Season 2 taped from January 2013 to March 2013. Season 3 started taping from June 2013 to October 2013, but was renewed with 8.5 episodes, along with Season 4 (17 segments). Season 4 started taping from November 2013 to March 2014, with a one-hour special in parts, although it was renewed with 8 episodes (16 segments). Season 5 started taping from May 2014 to October 2014. The series was renewed for a 11-episode (22 segments) 6th season in December 28, 2014, with a one-hour special and a promo. It started taping on February 16, 2015 and finished on June 1, 2015. On June 9, 2015, it was renewed for a 12-episode (24 segments) 7th season, which started filming on July 13, 2015.

Voice PortrayersEdit

Title Cards Edit

Various title cards appear on the show.

Image Description Appears in
New Episode 1
The background is quite light-blue, but the text is dark-blue. The font is Vernanda. All episodes from Birth of a Friendship to The Very Long Dull Winter (except for The Annual Go-Kart Race)
Snapshot 13 (10-07-2013 9-42 PM)
The background is now black, but the text is still the same shade of blue. The font changes to Segeo UI. All episodes from The Annual Go-Kart Race to The Clones and I (Part 3) (execpt The Very Long Dull Winter)
Hands in the Air! 0001
Everything is the same as the above title card, but the font is now different. All episodes from The Name of Shame to The Invasion (Part 7)
The font stays the same, but the background is a comic panel about the character. (Ex: In the title card on the left, which shows on Hobbes the Sick Tiger, the background has a panel about Hobbes.) Season 7 to present

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (2012-2013) Edit

Season 2 (2013-2014) Edit

Season 3 (2014) Edit

Season 4 (2014-2015) Edit

The Clones and IEdit

Season 5 (2015) Edit

Season 6 (2015) Edit

The InvasionEdit

Season 7 (2015-2016) Edit

The Lost BoysEdit

Season 8 (2016) Edit

Season 9 (2016-2017) Edit

=== Season 10 (2017-)

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