Calvin and Hobbes Racing is a 2017 Racing game released for the Nintendo Switch. It was released on November 17th, 2017. The game is similar to the Mario Kart Franchise.

Playable Characters

()=Second Cart Option

  • Calvin-Cart: The Calvinator (Wagon)
  • Hobbes-Cart: Tiger Dream (Cardboard Box)
  • Susie-Cart: The A Plus (Rabbit Racer)
  • Moe-Cart: Scientist Jr. (The Flaming Fist)
  • Dr. Scientist-Cart: Mad Scientist (The Even Madder Scientist)
  • Duplicate 7-Cart: The Numerous Cart (TBA)
  • Spaceman Spiff-Cart: Galactic Explorer (TBA)
  • Stupedous Man-Cart: Stupendous Cart (TBA)
  • Tracer Bullet-Cart: Stealth Detective (TBA)
  • Captain Calvin-Cart: Pirate Cart (TBA)
  • Principal Spittle-Cart: TBA (TBA)
  • Mom-Cart: TBA (TBA)
  • Dad-Cart: TBA (TBA)
  • Rosalyn-Cart: TBA (TBA)
  • The Superintendent-Cart: TBA (TBA)

Also any Amiibo can be scanned and be unlocked as a playable character in the game.


Calvin Cup Tiger Cup  Dasterly Cup Champion's Cup
Calvin Circuit Go-Kart Track Duplicate 7's Spaceship Las Vegas
Galactic Fortress Tuna World Calvin World Amusement Park 1920's Providence
Tiger Town Robot Building Lab Bill Watterson Elementary School Dr. Scientist's Lair
Downtown Providence Moe's Dodgeball Arena Dr. Scientist's Shrink Town Championship Circuit


  • Grand Prix (4 Races in a Cup)
  • Time Trial (Race alone for a good time on any track)
  • VS Mode (A Grand Prix that allows you to customize the rules)
  • Story Mode (See a little more down the page, unlocked after beating all Grand Prixs)


  • 100cc
  • 150cc
  • 200cc
  • 500cc (Unlockable)


  • Water Balloon
  • Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
  • Rotten Banana Peel
  • Spare Tire
  • Rest TBD

Story Mode

Calvin and Hobbes are discussing ways to make more money during a G.R.O.S.S. meeting, After some thinking, Calvin comes up with a racing leauge that would bring excitement. Hobbes is a bit relunctant, but Calvin convinces him after saying he would be able to buy all the tuna in the world.