Calvin and Hobbes III is the third movie of The Calvin and Hobbes Movie. It follows Calvin(Griffin Gluck) and Hobbes(Daniel Radcliffe),as they survive summer camp and survive an attack by a mad scientist who wants to kill Calvin.

Calvin and Hobbes III




Nick Stoller


Jon Vitti,Brad Lewis


Patrick Crowley,Brad Grey,David Maisel

Previous Movie

Calvin and Hobbes II

Next Movie

Calvin and Hobbes IV


Griffin Gluck as Calvin

Daniel Radcliffe as Hobbes

James Franco as Dr.Brainstorm

Jay Baruchel as Jack

Chris Pratt as Dad

Kristin Chenoweth as Mom

Julia Winter as Susie

Julie Kavner as Miss Wormwood

J.K. Simmons as Mr.Spittle

Ryan Reynolds as Socrates

Thomas Barbusca as Moe

Jordan Fry as Spaceman Spiff

Will Ferrell as Stupendous Man

Adam Sandler as Tracer Bullet

Zac Efron as Mr.Ferris

Kate McKinnon as Rosalyn

Jason Bateman as Charlie


Calvin(Griffin Gluck) is waiting for the school day to end so he can have a good summer. The bell rings and Calvin explodes out of his chair. The bus ride is quick and Calvin shatters the neighborhood with his summer rocks speech. Hobbes(Daniel Radcliffe)pounces on him. Calvin's day goes frm bad to worse when Mom(Emma Stone) and Dad(Chris Pratt)tell him he is going to summer camp in Colorado Springs. He gets the list of all the kids who will be there from grades 1-12 and finds out Susie(Julia Winter),Moe(Thomas Barbusca),Elliott(Liam Hemsworth),a kid that Calvin hadn't met before,with his tiger,Socrates(Ryan Reynolds),Rosalyn(Kate McKinnon),her boyfriend Charlie(Jason Bateman),and some other kids are going to be at camp and finds out the camp is going to be run by Joey Ferris(Zac Efron).

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