Calvin and Hobbes Chronicles is a spin-off series from The Calvin and Hobbes Show and Calvin and Hobbes (Movie Franchise) that was created by Bill Watterson and Nickelodeon. Every episode is 30 minutes long and depicts the adventures of the other character's in the Calvin and Hobbes universe. Calvin and Hobbes rarely appear in this series, usually making only cameos. The series began airing on January 20th 2017.

Episode List Edit

Episode Title Plot Production Number
Moe's Momentum Moe attempts to help the football team win the championship, but of coruse, someone is attempting to fix it against them. 1
Scientist's Can't Succeed on Game Shows After Dr. Scientist's lab is destoryed by Calvin and Hobbes, he goes on various game shows to get money to rebuild his lab. 2
Hugh and Jack's Day Off Tired of working 24/7 for Duplicate 7, Hugh and Jack decide to fake being sick to take the day off. 3
The Superintendent Games  Principal Spittle attempts to help the Superintendent win the Superintendent Games. 4

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