Following the conclusion of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip in 1995, Bill Watterson was asked by numerous animation companies to make animated versions of Calvin and Hobbes. Watterson normally turned these down, but accepted few, but did not last normally more than a pilot episode. In 2001, 4Kids Entertainment approached Watterson about making a Calvin and Hobbes anime. Watterson reluctantly agreed. After a test episode was made, the anime, now named Calvin and Hobbes: Coming To Get Ya! first premiered nationally on May 18th, 2002. The show received heavy criticism from longtime Calvin and Hobbes fans and had a 0.4% Approval Rating across the US alone. The anime was pulled off the air after just 3 episodes were aired. In 2003, 4Kids attempted another Calvin and Hobbes anime called The Chronicles of Calvin and Hobbes. The episode received massive backlash and the anime was not picked up for a full season. In 2004, 4Kids attempted yet again to make a Calvin and Hobbes anime simply titled Calvin and Hobbes. The one episode aired was considered the worst anime ever created. In late 2004, Watterson sued 4Kids Entertainment for using his characters without his permission in 2003 and 2004. A judge ordered 4Kids to pay Watterson $2,500,000 US dollars, and gave all the rights of Calvin and Hobbes done by 4Kids to Watterson. In 2017, after the Pokemon anime moved to Disney XD, Cartoon Network announced a Calvin and Hobbes anime would be made, which was approved by Nickelodian and Bill Watterson. The new anime, Calvin and Hobbes: The Series (2017 Anime) premiered on Cartoon Network on June 2nd, 2017 and became an instant success. 

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