Calvin and Hobbes 5: Legoland Fracas is the fifth movie in NMMacc18's Calvin and Hobbes saga directed by Steven Spielberg. It follows Calvin and Hobbes as they take a vacation to Legoland California,but Dr.Scientist builds a shrink ray and shrinks them to the size of Miniland LEGO People.


  • Tom Kenny as Calvin Grayson
  • Owen Wilson as Hobbes Grayson
  • Elijah Wood as Dr.Scientist
  • Paul Rudd as Mr.Grayson
  • Scarlett Johansson as Mrs.Grayson
  • Steve Carell as the Director


As the film begins,Dr.Scientist(Elijah Wood) is working on a shrink ray. Once he completes it,he finds out Calvin and Hobbes next move. He succeeds,and laughs maniacally. The credits begin to roll. 2 months after Calvin and Hobbes 4,Calvin(Tom Kenny) and Hobbes(Owen Wilson) are walking down the street,and stop by a flag football game. Calvin decies to yell some taunts at the losing team,and are chased away by the team. Once reaching the OTSTTS,The Director(Steve Carell) tells them they have deserved a vacation after saving the galaxy with Spaceman Spiff.

Calvin and Hobbes return home, and then Mrs. Grayson (Scarlett Johansson) announces the family is taking a vacation to LEGOLAND California. Mr. Grayson (Paul Rudd) is reluctant, but Calvin and Hobbes go to pack right away. The Graysons leave the next morning, and arrive at the LEGOLAND Hotel. Calvin and Hobbes cause a ruckus in the hotel, before being sent to their Kingdom themed room, amd Calvin and Hobbes spend a lot of the time watching TV.  Then they go to the pool, and watch more TV. Soon, they eat

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