Scene 1: CrystalEdit

[The movie starts with a huge light green crystal]

???: The Emerald of Imagination. Lasting over a thousand years, found by a group of wizards over a decade ago. One of the Wizards said, "It has the power to turn every single human being, Wizard or Muggle, to comprehend their imagination further, so to speak." However, just eight hundred years from now, it would be stolen. By something, something terrible...

Calvin: Hey Dad!

Calvin's Dad: CALVIN! Not now! I am talking to them about a crystal.

Calvin: What Crystal?

Calvin's Dad: CALVIN!!!!!!! YOU RUINED ALL OF IT!

[The logo appears. Calvin And Hobbes 4: Race to the Stone]

Scene 2:The studioEdit

(Cut to a Spaceman Spiff fantasy)

Spaceman Spiff:Spaceman Spiff,bold interplanetary explorer,is captured by a Zorkon...

Spaceman Spiff: Well, well, well... have you been daydreaming about me again?

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