Calvin and Hobbes 4: Journey Through Space

Directed by

George Lucas

Screenplay by

Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux


Tom Kenny

Owen Wilson

Zach Galifianakis

Matt Damon

Preceded by

Calvin and Hobbes 3: Time Quest

Succeeded by

Calvin and Hobbes 5: Legoland Fracas

Calvin and Hobbes 4: Journey Through Space is a 2018 traditionally animated film directed by Steven Speilberg and is the fourth film in the Calvin and Hobbes Film Franchise. The film resolves around Calvin and Hobbes venturing to Space to stop a diabolical alien force from taking over the galaxy, and the world itself.

Cast Edit

  • Tom Kenny as Calvin Grayson
  • Owen Wilson as Hobbes Grayson
  • Zach Galifanakis as Spaceman Spiff
  • Matt Damon as the Moon Goon King
  • Keegan Michael-Key as Galaxoid
  • Jordan Peele as Nebular
  • Jeremy Irons as Moe

Plot Edit

The film begins with Spaceman Spiff (Zach Galifanakis) fighting a group of aliens in space, with the aliens shooting Spiff's Spacecraft, and tries to maintain control of his ship while going on a crash course to Earth. After Spiff crashes on Earth, he decides that he needs to find Calvin and Hobbes, to which the opening credits begin to play.

Meanwhile, Calvin (Tom Kenny) and Hobbes (Owen Wilson) are enjoying themselves, and then see Spaceman Spiff, who tells Calvin and Hobbes that he needs help in Space. Hobbes is confused by Spiff appearing, and Calvin, annoyed, reminds Hobbes how his alter-egos came to life during the events of the first film. Hobbes asks Spiff why he needs their help, and Spiff explains how years ago, after Calvin and Hobbes melted the snow goons, a small portion of a snow goon got sucked up by the Zok Alien Race, who used the portion to create the first Moon Goon, who became the Moon Goon King(Matt Damon), and created a whole race of them. One day, the Moon Goon King was tired of the rule of the Zok's and took over their planet, and then began attacking smaller planets to build up his empire, making allies and enemies along the way, and are now planning on taking over the galaxy and the earth. Then, Galaxoid (Keegan Michael-Key) and Nebular (Jordan Peele) crash land on their ship next to the three, and tell them that the Moon Goon King managed to use his technology to bring Moe (Jeremy Irons) to assist them in their plan.

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