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Calvin and Hobbes is an upcoming movie heavily based on the comic series, even drawn the same. It follows Calvin, the six-year-old main character, and his stuffed tiger Hobbes as they go on a huge adventure after realizing that everything he made up in his imagination has become real, including his alter-egoes such as Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and others.


Main article: Calvin and Hobbes (Movie)/Trailers.

There are a series of trailers, one of which describing the movie, and the others showing profiles of the characters. They're all narrated by the character in question, except for the plot-describing one, which is narrated by Watterson himself.


  • Calvin
  • Hobbes
  • Susie
  • Mom
  • Dad


  • The clones (the ones that made clones of themselves, and so on, and got "Transmogrified" into worms)


Coming soon...

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