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Calvin and Hobbes is an upcoming movie heavily based on the comic series, even drawn the same. It follows Calvin, the six-year-old main character, and his stuffed tiger Hobbes as they go on a huge adventure after realizing that everything he made up in his imagination has become real, including his alter-egoes such as Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and others.


Main article: Calvin and Hobbes (Movie)/Trailers.

There are a series of trailers, one of which describing the movie, and the others showing profiles of the characters. They're all narrated by the character in question, except for the plot-describing one, which is narrated by Watterson himself.



  • The clones (the ones that made clones of themselves, and so on, and got "Transmogrified" into worms)
  • Aliens
  • Dark Calvin (he turns the clones back to humans again)
  • Rosalyn

Plot Edit

Calvin finds out that Hobbes is not a real tiger, and goes on a quest to turn everything imaginative real again. However, the clones are watching him, and Rosalyn join him along with some aliens, and it is up to Calvin, Hobbes, and his long-lost sister Zoe to stop the dupes from shattering the world into internal darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • This was going to be a real non-canon movie, but it was cancelled becuase the person who made this page was out of ideas, and another had to come up with one.
  • There will be a sequel.
  • It was brought back as an Animation.

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