Calvin and Hobbes: Future Chronicles is a spin-off of The Calvin and Hobbes Show The show is set after the events of the series and depicts several of the characters of the series in the future. 


  • Calvin- Now 21 years old, Calvin has finally gotten his dream of being rich and famous, as he is now a successful author, cartoonist, and his successfully made Calvinball into a successful national sport, becoming one of the USA's most popular sports. Oh, and his personality hasn't changed a bit. 
  • Hobbes- Calvin's tiger best friend, who Calvin still sees as a live tiger after all these years.
  • Susie- Not much is known about Susie's whearabouts, but it is mentioned she is a successful buisness woman out of the US.
  • Dr. Scientist- Now a retired evil genius, Dr. Scientist eventually crash landed in the Mushroom Kingdom and decided to make a restaurant, which has become successful.
  • Moe- Now playing in a semi-pro football league that Calvin created from all the money he made.
  • Principal Spittle- NOw the Superintendent.

More coming soon...


Episode Title  Episode Number Plot
Undercover 1 When Calvin discovers rumors that a betting scheme is going on in the now ultra popular NCL, he and Hobbes go undercover to discover the issue.

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