Scene 1:Calvin starts acting weirdEdit

(Calvin and Zoe walk to the front door)

Calvin:I'm late for something and don't want to change clothes.

Zoe:What are you going to do?

Calvin:Watch Hobbes pounce on you.


Calvin:I'M HOME!(he ducks)


Calvin:Anyway,gotta go.

Hobbes:Oh,sorry Zoe

Zoe:Calvin's late for something.



Hobbes:Where are you going?

Calvin:None of your beezwax,Hobbes.

Zoe:Calvin's been acting weird at school. He won't tell me.

Hobbes:I'll go downtown and investigate.

Scene 2:Bleezer'sEdit

(Calvin is on a hill looking for Taylor.)

Calvin:Where could she be?



(Taylor jumps into Calvin's arms and Calvin brings her down)

Calvin:Is that the thing that we'll do?

Taylor:I suppose so. Where's your tiger?

Calvin:Hobbes? Oh,I ditched him for you.

Taylor:Great! What do you say we head to Bleezer's?

Calvin:Sounds great! My treat.

(They enter Bleezer's)

Bleezer:Calvin! Hi! Who's your friend?

Calvin:Hi Bleezer. This is my crush Taylor.

Bleezer:Well,relationships come and go,but this is a celebration! 2 relationship creams coming up!

Taylor:What's that?

Calvin:It's vanilla,chocolate,and strawberry with caramel sauce in a heart shape.

Taylor:Sounds good. My treat.

(They eat their ice creams,unaware Hobbes and Zoe are watching from the bushes)

Hobbes:Let me get a closer look at this.

Zoe:Let me see.



Hobbes:Now it makes sense. Avoiding the pounce,acting weird at school,everything! Calvin has a crush and is going out with her!

Zoe:Who is it?

Hobbes:It's Taylor Paxton in his class. She first appeared in Andy Loses His Voice.

Zoe:What's Andy Loses His Voice?

Hobbes:You weren't there so you wouldn't know. Then again,neither was I.

Scene 3:Kidnapping TaylorEdit

(More soon)

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