• Milesprower690

    This is more towards JaJaLoo so how far in the transcript do you want me to go for the next chapter of the fanfic also I think you should change the catagory of the story to Calvin and hobbes + X over instead of what it is now

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  • NMMacc18

    I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning, and I won't be back until the 15th. I'll be on just to look at stuff, just not edit, since the wikia app on my iPad isn't the greatest. I'll still be able to update my fanfiction stuff and that when I am gone since I can access fanfiction easily through my phone or iPad. 

    So while I'm gone, I'm leaving JaJaLoo in charge of all my pages and stuff on the wiki until I get back. 


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  • NMMacc18

    Hello fellow members of the wiki! 

    Some of you may now I started making The Calvin and Hobbes Show into a series on fanfiction. I enjoy doing it, but it gets kinda dull doing it all alone.

    So this is why I am inviting anyone from the wiki to write new, original episodes! You would be credited with writing them. 

    Just a couple rules:

    • Keep episodes relativly kid friendly. Try to keep it at a K+ rating.
    • If you want to use an episode from The Calvin and Hobbes Show here on the wiki, that is perfectly acceptable. 
    • Make sure the characters used are the same ones from The Calvin and Hobbes Show on the wiki. 

    Uh, I can't think of anything else.

    So if you are interested, feel free to sumbit episodes to my Fanfiction account, NMMacc18. If you don't have me …

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  • Milesprower690

    Crossover Chaos

    June 17, 2017 by Milesprower690

    So Yeah I'm Back on the wiki for now to work on crossover chaos So I just want hear your guys thoughts and ideas for this story.

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  • NMMacc18

    A Few Things to Clear Up

    February 8, 2017 by NMMacc18

    Okay, so I feel like there is a few things that should be cleared up before false junk gets spread around.

    1. JaJaLoo never ONCE said a THING to me about writing Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie on Fanfiction, he only talked about doing The Calvin and Hobbes Show with me on Fanfiction, that's it.

    2. I don't see why it is such a big deal. So is it a mortal sin to write my own version? No, no it isn't. I don't need to ask for permission for something I created...

    3. I know this is a collaboration, so why is it considered "betrayal" when it was never discussed with me about bringing it to Fanfiction.

    4. I know this is a collaboration, but it really annoys me when all the work I do is changed so it can be a specific way. For example, I finished writin…

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  • JaJaLoo

    Fanfiction account

    January 30, 2017 by JaJaLoo

    I'm thinking about joining Fanfiction and co-writing The Calvin and Hobbes Show with NMMacc18. I would like your opinions on my first story.

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  • NMMacc18

    I just finished writing my 10th story on Fanfiction, Calvin and Hobbes' Day Off. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do for my next one, and I want opinions.

    Here were some ideas:

    • Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie- Would be a fanfiction version of the Calvin and Hobbes film I've been working on with JaJaLoo for a while, with some minor changes.
    • Coach Calvin- Calvin becomes the Coach of a Soccer or Basketball Team, and tries to expose some sort of match-fixing scheme
    • The Fix is In- Calvin gets involved in a match-fixing scheme so his school's football team doesn't win the championship.
    • Calvinpardy!- Calvin goes on Jeopardy! and causes chaos.
    • Days of Calvin- Calvin's family goes to the Daytona 500 and Calvin and Hobbes enter the race (Might just do th…
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  • JaJaLoo

    BPilgimz Return!

    December 29, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    BPilgrimz has made an announcement he will rejoin the wiki. I'm glad he will.

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  • JaJaLoo

    TV Show rules

    December 8, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    I was thinking about this for a while,then decided to do it. Without further adoo,the TV show rules if you create a C&H TV show.

    1.Do not do what Dude899 did.

    (Bad examples from Sibling Adoption Transcript)

    Calvin: "Look, you guys, this picture's for the people in Ontario Orphanage taking good care of my soon to be adoptive younger sister, so make it real good, but don't forget to smile nice and big, but show them we're serious and respective about this."

    (Is Calvin really like that? No.)

    (Bad example 2)

    Calvin: "Well, it's just that I'm gonna be a big responsible older brother to a younger sister when she gets adopted."

    (Calvin never thinks about people.)

    (Bad example 3)

    Calvin: "Alright, Hobbes, let's make a picture drawing for my soon to be young…

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  • JaJaLoo

    Leave or stay

    December 2, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    I decided to do a project about who stays to edit on this wiki and who has left. This will be updated regularly. The only people that stay are the Spectacular Six. (Me,Clvnnhobz,NLG,Milesprower690,Jamz,and NMMacc18.)

    • JaJaLoo
    • Strayberry Filling
    • NLG343
    • Jamz64
    • Milesprower690
    • NMMacc18

    • 5000 Explosions and a Supernova
    • Angela
    • Avatar
    • AwesomeCalvinAndHobbes
    • Brandon Rhea
    • BPilgrimz
    • BlueKraid
    • Calvin11
    • CalvintheGreat11
    • Calvinthegreat1
    • Createwikiscript
    • Default
    • Derpytapir123
    • Dopp
    • Duckncluck
    • Dude705
    • Dude713
    • Dude899
    • Evilo87
    • GreatMan87
    • Gigyas-Wiki
    • Hobbesthelego1964
    • JadaLeninger727
    • Jimbo Wales
    • Meighan
    • Oddballcat123
    • Roads
    • Reviewportal77
    • Rmassey
    • Spongebob1100
    • SVG
    • Scarecroe
    • Sonicthehedgehogboy200
    • SpeedyMan93
    • SpeedyMan94
    • TechSkylander1518
    • That1Girl
    • ToonLinkMinions11
    • Toughpigs
    • Trellar
    • Uberfuzzy
    • Whitespy93
    • XBXSm…

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  • JaJaLoo


    June 16, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    Hey guys,there is a birthday coming up on this wiki. For who,you ask? ME! JaJaLoo AKA The Angry Birds Superfan! Please leave a message below if you want to share this experience!

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  • JaJaLoo

    I am starting a wiki

    March 24, 2016 by JaJaLoo

    Hey guys, thanks to a lot of issues and stress on this site,I decided to found the Jedi Academy Fanon Wiki and would like any of you guys to join me. Leave a comment below if you want to join

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  • Jamz64

    I am starting a new wiki

    January 15, 2016 by Jamz64

    As the title suggests, I am starting a new wiki.It is called the Big Nate Fanon wiki.I would like some users on it.bye.

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  • StrayberryFilling


    September 13, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    Okay, I think the infoboxes looked better when they weren't with markup; and I can't seem to improve them, so I think I'll chage them back. Sorry, mobile users.

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  • StrayberryFilling

    Three small things

    September 10, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    Hey guys, I have three quick announcements;

    The first one is that we're going to take our infoboxes to the markup so that they look the same for both computer AND mobile. These may look a little different.

    The second one is that I was thinking of doing "Featured Content of the Month" on the main page. If you'd like to do this, please vote in the comments.

    The third is that we actually have our own forum, so we should use it more often to dicuss stuff either then the comments or message walls.

    So yeah. Bye.

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  • StrayberryFilling


    August 18, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    Clvnnhobz here. I haven't been blogging much because I had a deal with NLG343.

    Anyway, I've finally made up the rules for the wiki. Here it is;

    1. No swearing. Calvin and Hobbes never had any swearing, now did it?

    Bad Example;

    Calvin: $&@# you Hobbes, you stupid #%*$&@.

    Hobbes: Did you just $&@#%^* say that to me?

    2. No spam or vandalism.

    Bad Example;

    Hey! Buy this thing! It exists! It costs 9 billion dollars, so buy now!

    3. Proper spelling and grammar.

    Bad Example #1;

    clvn: hy hobsss u wnt 2 go un advintr??????????????????????

    hobz: mk clvin

    Bad Example #2;

    Calvin: Hobbes, on adventurous you go, to want?

    Hobbes: Calvin a sure, I am.

    4. Always be respectful.

    Bad Example;

    User: (to another user) Poopface.

    5. Keep characters in their personalities.

    Bad Example; …

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  • StrayberryFilling

    So, yep, as the title says, I am an admin now. MysteryMan, do at least SOME edits and you'll become an admin on the wiki.

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  • StrayberryFilling

    The Results

    June 3, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    'Kay people, the votes are in from my last post! So here we go, these results are just simple;

    Milesprower690 and SpongeBob1100 all voted for Choice #2. Nobody voted for Choice #1. So, we're gonna be admins guys!!!

    Click HERE if you wanna be an admin!!

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  • StrayberryFilling

    Hey Peeps,

    I figured a way to this solution without admins and stuff. Community Central told me that I should talk to other users about this problem if there are other users on the site. We can all vote on these two things;

    Contact Roads (the founder of the site) or GreatMan87 (the only admin on the site, but inactive for like three years or something like that.) and tell them to come back to the site. Roads might be better, because he says on the main page he should contact someone if he's inactive. He also says you might want to e-mail him or maybe contact on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki, he's more active there. He has like 20,000 edits.

    GreatMan87, on the other hand, has no contact information on his profile. So just contact him on his favorite…

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  • StrayberryFilling

    No admins...

    April 14, 2015 by StrayberryFilling

    What do?

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  • Roads


    January 18, 2012 by Roads

    Well, Wikia has put in tons of new features, some of them being optional. So here is a list of those features, their status here, and why or why not they're enabled.

    Polls are enabled because they're very useful for debates.

    Top 10 Lists are disabled because they're just glorified polls. You also can't change your vote in a Top 10 List like you can in a poll.

    Trust me, you'll thank me later. Click here.

    More hindrance than help, trust me.

    Blogs are useful in fanon wikis. So yeah, blogs are enabled.

    See last feature's status summary.

    Though I don't see the point overall, it can be useful sometimes.

    Useful for discussion. Keep it on-topic.

    One of Wikia's few new features that are useful. This features many more menus than before.

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