Scene 1 Edit


Calvin: WHAT?


Calvin: Sigh...

Calvin goes up to the attic, and spies a photo book when he was a baby.

Calvin: Mom, can I look at this book?

Mom: After you help me with some spring cleaning.

Calvin: Ok, ok...

The next scene opens in Calvin's room where he and Hobbes are looking though a scrapbook of some old memories.

Hobbes: Remember when you jumped in the treehouse as Stupendous Man?

Calvin: Yeah, mom got really mad at me, but it was worth it to see ol Roz pissed.

Hobbes: We have a ton of memories here.

Calvin: Yeah, but we are missing the most important one.

Hobbes: Which one?

Calvin: The one that brought us together.

Hobbes: Oh, yeah!

Calvin: I wonder how it went?

Hobbes: I guess we will find out from this conveniently placed flashback. No, wait, I remember!

Calvin: Alright, tell me!

Hobbes: OK, NOW the flashback can roll.

Calvin: LOL.

Scene 2 Edit

Hobbes: Like this... There were these hunters who shot my family(*SOBS*), and I ran as fast as I could to try and get to a zoo. The zookeepers found me, and put me in the zoo. I really liked it there, getting pet by the kids, getting fed, you name it. But then, you see, the zoo was on an island, and the part of island the zoo was on survived. There was an old guy there and some of his cats, and he taught me how to walk and talk like a human for five years. Then the guy gave a potion to make your dreams come true, but everyone has to see you as a stuffed tiger. But then I fell unconscious and awoke in a Jeep piled with tuna. I think the ones who were driving it were the hunters who shot my family. Anyways, I ate all of it, and then broke out, where I spotted a tuna sandwich, and tumbled into your yard.

Calvin: And that's it?

Hobbes: Yep. What, you were expecting less?

THE END (just a short one)

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