Arizona Phienox


Andrew Parkinson

Assistant Captains

Craig Colin, Andrew Anderson


Darren Reynolds


Chuck Bradley

Home Channel

Fox Sports Arizona


Josh Robinson (Play-by-Play), Brad Goldschmit (Color)

Radio Brodcasters

Brad Jordan (Play-by-Play), Elliot Reynolds (Color)


Robert Wise

League Champions

2006, 2010

The Arizona Phoenix are a team in the MCL.


  • On March 6, 2016: The Arizona Phoenix trade Roman Palmeiri to the Seattle SkyHawks for Michael Jones (via Charleston)
  • On March 16, 2016: The Phoenix traded Tracy Black to the Nashville Sound for Riley Cussin
  • In the first round of the draft, The Phoenix selected Joshua Doctson from UNC Wilmington.
  • In the second round of the draft, The Phoenix selected Robert Davis from Michigan State .
  • On June 24, 2016: The Phoenix signed rookies right midfielder Joshua Doctson to a 6-year, 5.9 M contract and right back Robert Davis to a 2-year, 4 M contract.
  • Noah Walton announced his retirement after the 2016 season. He will retire after 16-years with the Chicago Steel, Denver Bobcats, Tacoma Wild, Atlanta Aces and Arizona Phienox.

Forward LinesEdit

Line 1

11 Craig Colin 4 Andrew Parkinson 19 Riley Cussin

1 D.J. Reynolds 9 Chris Parker 16 Noah Walton

50 Andrew Anderson 22 Anderw Forté 26 Mark Schleffe

Line 2

7 Alex Butcher 35 Lucas Granderson

(More TBM)

Goal HornEdit

(Horn: first used since 1/29/16, vs. Memphis Cardinals) (Multiple Blasts)

(Song: first used since 5/16/15, vs. Vancouver Huskies)


  • Walmart
  • Bank of America
  • PetSmart
  • Safeway
  • FedEx
  • Target
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Delta Airways-Jersey Sponser (til' 2021 season)

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