The following is the transcript for the Calvin and Hobbes The Animated Cartoon Adventures episode Andy and the Garden.

Scene 1: Creating The PlantEdit

(Sherman is carrying seeds and a beaker of glowing rainbow liquid into his lab.)

Sherman: Okay, so first, draw a pound sign on all the seeds, then put them in the pot (does said steps)... Next, pour nitroglycerin and ouraniotoxoine on the spot, then...(Nitroglycerin explodes) start over again?

(Sherman redoes what he did and pours the nitroglycerin and rainbow liquid in)

Sherman: Okay, then draw a pound sign in the ground and finally put up a stick in the center.(Does last steps) That's it! My plant's all finished!

Scene 2: Showcasing Time!Edit

Scene 3: Water GardenEdit

Scene 4: AquaphobiaEdit

Scene 5: Floral TakeoverEdit

Scene 6: Planning the DefeatEdit

Scene 7: Biological WarfareEdit

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