(Episode starts with Spaceman Spiff exploring an extremely large kitchen.)

Spiff: The incredible Spaceman Spiff has made it to the Momgrogs of Planet Yuk and has broken into their kitchen! Where all the torturous meals are prepared for the innocent prisoners!

(Spiff climbs up to the Eggplant Casserole, and blasts it with his blaster)

Spiff: Spiff hurries to try and disintegrate the poison! But the Head Chef Momgrog is coming fast!


(Cuts to Calvin being thrown out of the house)

Hobbes: I told you that would fail.

Calvin: Shut up furball.

Hobbes: So what do you want to do now?

Calvin: I know! Lets go to the train depot and hitch on a train and become hobos!

Hobbes: That's a horrible idea.

Calvin: So you don't want to explore outside this boring place we call home, sounds like you alright.

Hobbes: But if you leave and we're gone for hours, your parents will get worried.

Calvin: Oh please, you worry to much.

Hobbes: You always say that and then you get us into something that will get us killed...

Calvin: Shut up fleabag, it will be fun!

Hobbes: Alright, I'll come, but if we get killed, your paying for my funeral costs.

Calvin: I'll only have to do that if I live and you don't you fool.

(Cuts to the train depot)

(Shows a train pulling into a station, and the engineer hops out.)

Engineer: Alright, here's another load. How much time do I got until I got to head out?

Worker: You got about 15 minutes to kill right now, so knock yourself out.

Engineer: I'm going to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee (Walks away.)

Worker: Alright boys! Lets unload and load!

(Cuts to Calvin and Hobbes watching from behind)

Calvin: This is our chance Hobbes! Nobody is controlling the train, so now's the chance to hop on and drive the train!

Hobbes: DRIVE the train?! Oh no. Heck no. I agreed to temporarily becoming a hobo, not becoming your accomplice in your attempt to become an engineer.

Calvin: What?! I've got plenty of experience driving trains! This will be a piece of cake!

Hobbes: I hardly doubt controlling Lionel trains count. Not to mention you can use those without casuing them to derail or fly into the air with you wanting them to go super fast.

Calvin: Shut up furball. We're doing it my way. It's either my way, or the highway!

Hobbes: I'd prefer to take the highway in all honesty.

Calvin: Hey, I'll buy you some tuna after.

Hobbes: Deal!

(Cuts to Calvin and Hobbes walking up to the train)

Hobbes: Geez, how are you even going to get in?

Calvin: Simple, thorw me into the open window, then I'll open it to let you in.

Hobbes: Are you sure? Remember the last time I tried using you as a human discus?

Calvin: Oh relax, it won't be that hard.

(Shows Hobbes throwing Calvin in)

Calvin: See? Told ya. (Opens door for Hobbes)

Hobbes: So you were right, I'm impressed.

(Cuts to the station platform, where workers are still loading stuff on, when the train starts to move.

Worker 2: Hey! The train's moving!

Worker: WHAT?! It doesn't leave for another 5 minutes!

Worker 3: Stop that train!

(shows workers attempting to catch up, but the train continues to go faster.

(Cuts to Calvin and Hobbes)

Calvin: C'mon Hobbes, make it go faster!

Hobbes: I'm trying to!

Calvin: Well keep going, I want this to go as fast as possible.

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