Because, compared to these ghouly ghouls, an alien is nothing!

Calvin has encountered aliens, both in his Spaceman Spiff fantasies and in real life.

Noted AliensEdit

  • Antarans
  • Ankorians (Passive, also Protective)
  • Akari
  • Bulrathi
  • Darloks
  • Elerians (Neutral)
  • Gnolams (Hostile)
  • Klackons (Hostile)
  • Meklars (Neutral, Hostile to Sillicoids)
  • Mrrshan (Mostly Passive)
  • Psilons
  • Sakkra (Passive)
  • Silicoids (Neutral, Passive to Sillcods, Hostile to Zorks, Zorgs and Meklars)
  • Silicods (Neutral)
  • Trilarian
  • Zokians (Unknown)
  • Zogians
  • Zorgs
  • Zorks (Hostile)

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