Scene 1: The meetingEdit

Calvin:Hey,you're back! Well,guess what? The Calvin and Hobbes show is back!

(Calvin walks into the door, but when he opens the door, he slams onto the floor.)


Calvin: Coming!

Hobbes: *facepalms* Great... Another G.R.O.S.S Meeting.

(Cuts to outside at G.R.O.S.S. HQ)

Calvin: This meeting of G.R.O.S.S. will come to order! With Dictator for Life Calvin and President and First Tiger Hobbes Presiding!

Hobbes: I wish we have more people...

Calvin: Shut up and read last meeting's minutes you furball.

Hobbes: Of coruse... (Grabs notes) 8:45 am, Dictator for Life calls meeting to order to aviod impending bad weather. President and First Tiger proposes postponing the meeting, by Dictator for Life refuses. 8:46 am, Dictator for Life orders immediate attack against G.R.O.S.S. Public Enemy Number 1, Susie Derkins, demanding water balloons, a nuclear bomb, a tank, and a SWAT vehicle. President and First Tiger disagrees with weapon choice, offers better solution.

Calvin: Well, you told me just to stick to the water balloons! If we want to eradicate Susie, we need better weapons!

Hobbes: 8:48 am, Dictator for Life overreacts and gives 10 demerits for no reason. 8:49 AM, Philosophical discussion.

Calvin: NO REASON?! You didn't agree with my plan you sissy!

Hobbes: There you go again, overreacting.

Calvin: Okay, that's it! For insulting me and making me look stupid, you get 10 demerits! 

Hobbes: Give me as many as you want, I don't care how many you give.

Calvin: Okay, just for THAT you get an extra 20 for dissrespecting me!

Hobbes: Can I just go along with the minutes so I can get to the part where I found out Susie has started up a club against us?


(Hobbes rolls his eyes.)

Hobbes:They're having a meeting over there.

Calvin:WHAT??? Give me the binoculars!

(Hobbes sighs and hands Calvin the binoculars.)

Scene 2: The clubEdit

(Calvin stares at Susie's back porch,where Candace and Mr.Bun are sitting on lounge chairs with milk and cookies.)

Susie:This meeting of the Girls Alliance Against Calvin will now come to order.


Susie: Today on the agenda we will discuss ways how we can get revenge on Calvin!

(Cuts back to Calvin and Hobbes)

Calvin: This is an atrocity! I actually have a club to compete with now! I can't let that club be better than ours!

Hobbes: Well, you never bring milk and cookies to the meetings.

(Calvin glares at Hobbes before grabbing notebook)

Calvin: You get 25 demerits for suggesting we copy the enemy, plus another 50 for neglecting to tell your superior of a threat to G.R.O.S.S.

(Hobbes rolls eyes)

Calvin: Forget whatever we had planned on the agenda today! Our new agenda is to eradicate G.A.A.C. from exsisting! And ship those nincompoops off to a Siberian Gulag!

Hobbes: Don't you think the 2nd part is a little unrealistic?

Calvin: Well now that you say that, your right. I should just get them shipped off to Alcatraz instead, that would be quicker, easier, and cheaper to do!

(Hobbes facepalms)

(Cuts to G.A.A.C. meeting)

Susie: So any other ideas?

Candace: We could try and take his tiger and hold it hostage, then you can beat him up.

Susie: Hmm, that's not a bad idea.

(Cuts to Calvin hiding behind tree)

Calvin: Ready...Aim...FIRE! (Throws water balloon)

(Girls get soaked and look at Calvin)


Calvin: Yeah? Your the idiot for starting up a club against me! That's why I officially declare war against G.A.A.C! And I will come out supreme, and you chumps will be off to Alcatraz! And I will be vindicated as history's most greatest-

(Calvin gets cut off with the girls spraying water out of their water guns at Calvin, and Calvin flees)


Susie: Serves him right. Now, where were we?

Scene 3: The warEdit

Calvin: This is madness! Where's the green paint?

Hobbes: Over there.

Calvin: Thank you.

(Calvin grabs the bucket,and fills a water balloon with paint.)

Calvin: Alright,the plan is that I go up on Susie's roof and drop the balloon on her. It's a foolproof plan.

(The Mission: Impossible theme begins to play. Calvin grabs a ladder and poses it on top of Susie's roof with a paint balloon. He holds the paint balloon over Susie's head. Calvin drops the balloon.)

Calvin: Yess!!!

(Suddenly, Mrs. Derkins comes outside in the direction the paint balloon is falling. The balloon falls on her. She is covered in green paint.)

Calvin: Oh, crud!

(Calvin leaps off the roof, and lands in a bush. The next day, Calvin gets back on the roof, and checks for Mrs. Derkins. She is nowhere in sight. Calvin drops the paint balloon, and it drops on Susie.)


Calvin: Direct hit!

(Cut to Susie and Candace holding Nerf Guns, prepared to shoot anything. A flaming hot dog flies onto the porch. Candace outs it out. Then they shoot Calvin repeatedly. Shows a montage of Calvin and Susie having a war.)

Calvin: This war has to end! It's time to bring out our secret weapon!

Scene 4: The secret weaponEdit

(Calvin grabs two water balloons, grabs a few pebbles, fills the balloons with the pebbles, and fills it with water.)

Hobbes: What are those?

Calvin: Water balloons with rocks in them. It's foolproof.

(Calvin walks away.)

Hobbes: Hoo boy. This won't end well. I'll be in Calvin's room, reading Captain Napalm.

(Calvin sneaks into the bushes, and pulls a slingshot out of his pocket. He launches both balloons.)

Susie: Now, meeting ad-(the water balloons with rocks hit both Susie and Candace.) OW! Calvin! I'm telling!

Calvin: That won't do any good, I'm a charmer to my parents!

(Mrs. Grayson comes outside.)

Mrs. Grayson: CALVIN!!!

(Calvin leaps in the air, and puts on toy glasses.)

Calvin: Who ees thees Khahlveein?

Mrs. Grayson: Don't pull that stunt with me, young man. 

Calvin: OK. (puts the toy glasses away.) What's going on?

Mrs. Grayson: Susie's mom just called.

Calvin: She's a filthy liar.

Mrs. Grayson: She said you put ROCKS in water balloons and hurled them at Susie and Candace!

Calvin: That's not true. It was Moe...

Mrs. Grayson: Don't lie to me, kid! What do you have to say for yourself?

Calvin: Uhhh, victory is ours?

(Cut to Calvin being thrown in his room.)

Hobbes: I knew this episode wouldn't end well. He'll never learn.

End CreditsEdit

Voice cast for Revenge of the Babysat 2Edit

Tom Kenny as Calvin

Owen Wilson as Hobbes

Leslie Bibb as Rosalyn

Paul Rudd as Tom Grayson

Scarlett Johansson as Anna Grayson

Voice cast for A G.R.O.S.S. WarEdit

Tom Kenny as Calvin

Owen Wilson as Hobbes

Jennifer Lawrence as Susie Derkins

Rachel Weisz as Candace

Scarlett Johansson as Anna Grayson

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